Gary & Julie…The Bio’s and More!


Gary & Julie


The Gary & Julie morning show began after Gary returned from his trip to the moon on Apollo 15, he figured a career change was in order, so after writing The Hobbit, he then decided to try his hand at radio.  That’s when he built KRTY using only a butter knife, two batteries and a fishing rod.  He found Julie on the side of the road selling oranges, and recruited her by promising her a life filled with butterscotch.  They began the Gary and Julie show, and after touring with Merle Haggard, settled down on Story Road. Ok, maybe I should introduce a little truth: I was hired here in 1991 and remember when they hired Julie a few months later.  I finally coaxed her onto the morning show 16 years ago.  A few frequently asked questions:  yes, we are married, but not to each other, she has Mike and their two boys Adam and Kaelan, and I tricked Heather into marrying me and giving birth to Luke and Jackson.  Yes, we make the show up, I love improv and reactive comedy and Julie gives me the space and platform to pull it off.  No, we don’t do serious issues, and after 9/11 we made the conscious decision to make our mornings happy, figuring you can find out what you need to know anywhere else, but we wanted  to be fun and family friendly.  And yes, the stars are usually as nice as you hope they are.  We do fight, but it’s usually over which restaurant to go to.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.  We truly do appreciate it.

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